The ethno-village

For the full immersion in the atmosphere of the Bashkir people, we invite all participants of the Sabantuy to our yurts. The yurt is not just a hiking house, but an image of the Bashkir world, national culture, clothes, cuisine and Bashkir hospitality. Villages of Abzelilovsky district will welcome you in their nomadic homes, show and tell how the ancestors of the people created the culture that we value and preserve to this day.

Halyk bazaars – folk bazaar

Folk craft, which has already grown into the scale of production, the entire investment potential will be revealed at our Halyk Bazaars. Production of dairy and meat products, sweets and much more. Bashkir artisans will gladly share their secrets that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Gourmet-quarter of national cuisine

“Uff, tyamle” - which translates from colloquial Bashkir, as “Well, very tasty”! We invite everyone to taste real national Bashkir cuisine! The Republic of Bashkortostan is famous for one of the most distinctive cuisines in Russia. Being descendants of the semi-nomadic people, the Bashkirs inherited the gastronomic habits of their ancestors. Herbs, meat, dairy products are always present in their diverse diet, and all this creates an exquisite and unique taste.

Business quarter

Investment Sabantuy invites you to visit the yurt for business communication, where the meetings of the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan with young people, veterans, and Children of War will take place.

Regions Friendship Quarter

Investment Sabantuy meets the guests from different regions of Russia and offers everyone the subject site at the Sabantuy for the installation of the yurt as their representation.

Sports Street

Welcome to Sabantuy in all its SPORTS glory! Yes, spectacular sports competitions are an integral part of the national holiday! Jumping in bags, pillow fighting, climbing the highest pole, etc.

In the sports program:

Thirst for live speed, excitement, a storm of emotions, grace and power of mustangs – that is horse races! Equestrian sport competitions, as well as the Sabantuy festival, are rooted in the past! This is the main sports spectacle of spring! Sabantuy is not Sabantuy without horse races!

Competitive shooting from the formidable weapons of nomads! Archers on this firing line as focused as possible. The athletes will not move a muscle. The main thing for everyone is to send an arrow to the target as accurately as possible. Let's enjoy and cheer for your favorite!

“Strength of mind and will power! Everything is in our hands! ”- say professional arm-wrestlers! The international arm-wrestling tournament will bring together the best arm-wresters from around the world! It will be hot, very hot!

Wrestling tournament Kuresh for the prize of the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan

The сentral sports event that will gather around everyone! The references to the fight Kuresh are found in the sixth century. In the old days, no event no event of nomads was complete without belt wrestling. Wrestling tournament lasted sometimes for 5-6 hours, until the absolute champion was revealed. We will fight to the end too!

Youth Street

New generation - new horizons! We believe in young people and try to pass on our many years of experience to them! We announce the youth gathering of all ambitious guys! There will be performances by teams of modern trends on the stage, a huge number of sites with entertainment! The holiday will gather motivated guys and girls as they are the future!

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